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Longtime clinician Mike Procopio joins MBCA Clinic slate

Sep 10, 2019 6:27:00 AM

Mike Procopio, former Director of Player Development for the Dallas Mavericks and renowned coach in the professional basketball community joins the 2019 MBCA Clinic lineup September 19 & 20 at Columbia College.  

Procopio, who has been with the Mavs since 2013 and has worked individually with Kobe Bryant and over 150 other NBA players, will help enhance customer, vendor and other relationships and expand the company’s footprint in the continuously growing basketball market.

"He's my Jack Bauer," said Bryant in a 2010 Sports Illustrated article. "He gave me all the edits and scouting reports and wrote defensive rotations of the Celtics. He was my eyes and ears, so when I played the game I'd use all the scouting reports and all the information. And it was huge for me."

Procopio served as a Strategic Game Management Coach for Bryant from 2009-2012, breaking down his game film as well as giving him insight on upcoming opponents. Bryant won two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers during the four-year period.

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